Major Challenges and Solutions

Since the invention of electronic conductivity in otherwise insulating synthetic polymers in last three decades, conjugated polymers and oligomers (organic semiconductors) have evolved from the academic curiosity to one of the most important commercial material for wide ranging applications in many modern electronic devices such as Displays, Photovoltaics, Field Effect Transistors (RF tags), Chemical and biological sensors etc. Organic electronics is leading this new revolution of so called "pervasive electronics" wherein the electronic devices are becoming more and more personal with each passing year and soon will become an integral part of our life. This is possible because of the low cost of materials as well as low fabrication cost. However for any large area printing application, batch to batch reproducibility at large scale syntheses still remains a major challenge in this area. In this direction we have developed both new structures as well as new processes at IIT Bombay which are amenable for large scale syntheses with complete control over Critical Molecular Design Parameters (CMDPs) such as chemical purity, regioregularity, molecular weight and polydispersity. We provide both the existing as well as our proprietary materials with excellent batch to batch reproducibility even at large volumes.