Sycon has many proprietary structures and processes as well as capability of providing the materials according to customer’s needs. Therefore, some of the materials will be soley provided to individual customers for their R & D work on a contract research manufacturing model. We provide all the possible characterization data for each batch and each sample before shipping. However we do not provide any warranty for the performance in the final device as these could vary significantly based on the skills of the device fabricator. We also do not provide any warranty against proprietary rights of third parties or the infringement of any type for the use of materials. It is the responsibility of the user to carry out due diligence about the legal status with respect to any infringement in any of the geography.

We are constantly working on providing high quality materials for diverse application in printed electronics. If you are working in this area and do not find the material of your interest, then we can custom synthesize it for you. Please contact as at info@sycon.in with your requirements.